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Close Protection - Security United Kingdom, is a Security Private Service, founded and run by Darius  Popescu, with the purpose of increasing the personal safety and protection of a client and his family in his home, in the street and when travelling. Our service also provides the required element of surveillance and anti-surveillance.

Darius operates all over the world, its headquarter location is Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Darius can provide a wide range of services:

- Arrangements for airport pick up - drop off, using your own cars or ours; assisting with luggage etc.

- Personal Assistant, Chauffeur and Close Protection for client and his/her family, when they are at home, travelling for holiday or for business meetings and/or in everyday life;

- Transporting the client’s family members (children for example) to and from school or another location specified by the client;

- Shopping for the client (groceries, clothing, online shopping etc.);

- Arranging and organising trips (full itinerary, booking flights and hotels etc.); 

- Arranging for clients to travel in a private jet plane to locations anywhere in the world;

- Escorting and protecting the client when on a night out (restaurant, night-club, festivals, theatre, concerts etc.);

- Sporting partner/close protection - running with the client, tennis, biking, swimming, gym etc.

- Preparing the client’s second residence: we may be in a different location in the world, where the client has a second residence. We arrive there first to set everything up for the client’s arrival (fresh flowers, airing the house, making the beds, food and drink provision, cooking dinner, or reserving table in restaurant, house and garden maintenance etc.)

Darius is ready to consider any other jobs the client may require.



                                             WORKING WITH DARIUS


Close Protection / VIP Chauffeur / Personal Assistant - Darius is well prepared and with his experience accumulated for over 15 years, offers you a level of security, which will give you complete safety and full confidence.

He can offer you protection and help in planning your journey, trip or business meeting so that you can relax and enjoy every single moment without stress!

From the packages listed below, please select the one which suits you the best:

1. Darius can come to your town, your home or your local business - for the day or for several days; he will be your Personal Assistant, Chauffeur and Close Protection

2. Protecting and transporting your children - driving your children to and from school, driving to different locations

3. Darius can travel with you - if you are a business person or you are a frequent traveller, we can arrange for Darius to be with you even when you are not in your home town, Personal Assistance at your business meeting, Chauffeur and Close Protection.  Darius will make sure your travel is well planned, safe and relaxed for you

6. Sports Partner / Close Protection: tennis, biking, running, walking, sparring partner for boxing / kick boxing, etc.

7. Darius can relocate - He can be available for the necessary period of time whatever the area or country you will be in, whenever you call him (short-medium or long-term contracts).

8. Safe journey in luxury - the possibility to arrange for the client to  travel in luxury cars (Mercedes-Benz S Class, BMW Series 7, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce etc.)









Born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1980, under the strict Communist regime, Darius came from a sporting family (his father a professional footballer and ice hockey player, and his brother also a footballer), a family with a good educational background, who attached great importance to bringing up their children according to the code of good manners.

Darius was sent out to play sports before he even started school - football, athletics and, later on, martial arts.  As a result, he has been strongly and positively influenced by the spirit of rigorous sport discipline.

A model pupil in primary and secondary school, and later, student at university, he excelled especially in physical education and sporting classes and activities, achieving throughout the top mark of 10.  He then began to represent his school and other educational establishments in national (Romanian) sporting competitions, with impressive results and often returning with valuable trophies.

As a footballer, Darius played for the FC Dinamo Bucharest and for the Prosport Roferd Foundation team, together with whom he won numerous national and international championships.

In addition to his regular Club training, Darius trained hard on his own.  He would attend training camps with his team or go by himself to the seaside or into the mountains for additional training, often 2-3 such sessions per day even in the periods of "club holidays". 

Darius was also a professional Wushu Kung Fu athlete, representing Romania. He participated in many internship trainings/close protection  with various international martial arts trainers. And later on, after he stopped his professional sports carrier, he became a trainer in the Romanian Martial Arts Federation and opened a martial arts gym in Bucharest, teaching and training his students, a few of whom became National Champions.

Other than his BA in Sport Science, Darius holds a Master's degree in Physical Education and Sport Science and is also a Certified Trainer in  Bodybuilding and Fitness and Martial Arts Wushu Kung Fu.  At the moment he is embarking on a PhD programme in Physical Education and  Sport Science also on a MA in Security, Guard and Protection.

At present he lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom, where he is involved in the Security Industry as Close Protection, VIP Driver and  Personal  Assistant as well as in the Fitness Industry as Sports and Fitness Trainer.







In the year 2003 Darius started his first job in Security Industry as Surveillance Agent for one of the first private surveillance security  companies at that time in Bucharest, Romania. Darius was taught by ex-secret service agents (previously active in the Romanian Communist  regime before 1989), to undertake undercover surveillance missions.

In 2006, Darius started a collaboration in Security Private Protection with a Business Company in Bucharest, Romania - as Close Protection, Chauffeur and Personal Assistant to the General Director of the company. The company was (and still is) among the top businesses in the country and, indeed, in Eastern Europe. The collaboration was a success, enabling Darius to acquire a considerable and varied experience  as well as good references for his next contracts.

In 2008, he moved to a new contract with another Business company from Bucharest, Romania, as undercover surveillance missions’  advisor, as well as Personal Assistant, Chauffeur and Close Protection to the General Director of the company, also one of the top  businesses in the country. Darius was praised for his professionalism and dedication and obtained good references for his future contracts.

The year 2010, marked a peak of Darius’s career: he was assigned the task of Personal Assistant to the Royal Family/Delegation of Saudi  Arabia, as well as a Security Private Protection collaboration with a top Oil and Gas Company.

In 2013, he moved permanently to London, United Kingdom, where he  lives and works in the Security and Fitness Industries. At present he  lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom.






All Darius’s jobs for over 15 years, dealing with top business people all over the world with professionalism, discipline and dedication, make  him today a most experienced and highly dedicated man in the Security Industry.

In these jobs, confidentiality is a key factor.

No names, no information, no locations and no family privacy will be disclosed to other parties. Darius signs a confidentiality contract with  each client.

References can be available upon request.






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