Prosport Roferd Foundation

Florin Popescu - President

Darius Liviu Popescu - Executive Director




                 Florin Popescu

Born: July 27, 1943 - Bucharest, RO

Sports activity: Football at “Metalul Bucharest”, “A.S.A Sibiu” and Ice Hockey at  “Dinamo Bucharest”

Tourism activity:  Guide, Lecturer, Tour Coordinator  at  BTT, ITHR, ONT

Professional activities: Technical Assistant - Manager at Tiriac Bank and Libra Bank 

Founder of the foundation July 27, 1994 



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           Darius-Liviu Popescu

Born: June 11, 1980 - Bucharest, RO
Sports activity: Football at "C.S.S.6 Bucharest", "Prosport Roferd" and "Dinamo Bucharest"
                           Martial Arts at  the "University of Sport Bucharest",  "C.S Ying Quan Bucharest" and
                           at the Romania National Martial Arts Team
Professional activities: Physical Education and Sports; Bodybuilding & Fitness Industry; Security Industry
ExperienceFootball Instructor and Martial Wushu Kung Fu Trainer at the "Prosport Roferd";
                    Physical Education and Sport teacher
                      Recreation Assistant at Chelsea Sports Centre, London, UK ;               

                      Security and Fitness Industry - London, Manchester,Cambridge, UK 


                                                                                                                                                     Prosport Roferd Foundation