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Martial Arts as an aerobic-medical exercise for Seniors


One of our Foundation's objectives is to promote group sports, such as soccer games for kids and teenagers, as well as to achieve a high-level of performance after a rigorous selection from thousands of applicants per year. Last, but not least, our Foundation has garnered acclaim and received praise for our development and implementation of one of our best-rated experiments in the field: a special physical education and martial arts programme for Seniors.

Since 2003, as a member of our Foundation, Coach Darius Popescu has been developing a unique experiment in Romania that introduced martial arts in the fitness programme for Seniors with the aim of achieving better flexibility and balance with much faster and easier moves. Our main focus was directed towards developing these important physical qualities especially for the medical benefits they bring. Besides the element of self-defence, in this experiment we emphasise particularly the cardiovascular and breathing stimulation of the brain, heart, and lungs as well as the toning of the entire muscular system, from head to toe, towards achieving a stronger metabolism, which would help the growth and strengthening of all the bones. Last, but not least, our programme helps to prevent and osteoporosis (the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density over time), and to achieve a quicker weight loss and the detoxification of the entire organism through the elimination of body fluids/sweat and the lowering of cholesterol levels. In this pioneering experiment in Romania we also devise diet recommendations for Seniors.

Since 2004, our group has included a large number of men and women whose level of interest in this experimental programme has increased tremendously over the course of the programme.  The beneficial effects to Senior patients that resulted from this programme, initiated by Darius Popescu, have made it one of the true successes of our Foundation.

The important effect of this experiment, named "Martial Arts as an aerobical-medical exercise for Seniors", is that elderly men and women who have participated daily in our programme, have seen an impressive "impact" on their body: which means a stronger bone structure, a reduction in arterial tension, lower cholesterol and a considerable reduction in the risk of arteriosclerosis. Also, the participants have burned more adipose tissue (cellulite), achieving a much better balance of the central nervous system, maintaining a higher resistance to depression, and showing, it can be claimed, that our programme could positively transform our patients' mental and moral attitude.


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