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Born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1980, under the strict Communist regime, Darius came from a sporting family (his father a professional footballer and ice hockey player, and his brother also a footballer), a family with a good educational background, who attached great importance to bringing up their children according to the code of good manners.

Darius was sent out to play sports before he even started school - football, athletics and, later on, martial arts.  As a result, he has been strongly and positively influenced by the spirit of rigorous sport discipline.

A model pupil in primary and secondary school, and later, student at university, he excelled especially in physical education and sporting classes and activities, achieving throughout the top mark of 10.  He began then to represent his school and other educational establishments in national (Romanian) sporting competitions, with impressive results and often returning with valuable trophies.

As a footballer, Darius played for the FC Dinamo Bucharest together with whom he won numerous national and international championships.

In addition to his regular Club training, Darius trained hard on his own.  He would attend training camps with his team or go by himself to the seaside or into the mountains for additional training, often 2-3 such sessions per day even in the periods of "club holidays". 

Other than his BA in Sport Science, Darius holds a Master's degree in Physical Education and Sport Science and is also Certified Trainer in Bodybuilding & Fitness and Martial Arts Wushu Kung Fu. Significant training, and then acquired considerable experience, as an athlete and trainer in a variety of fields: football, martial arts, physical development, physical education and sport, athletics and especially bodybuilding and fitness. At the moment he is embarking on a PhD programme in Physical Education and Sport Science, also on a MA programme in Security, Guard and Protection. He also holds an EREPS Level 4 (European Register of Exercises Professionals) certificate with added emphasis on nutrition. In these fields Darius has had important achievements in competitions at national and international level.

In 2003 Darius Liviu Popescu   became a founder member of the Prosport Roferd Foundation and is now its Executive Director and Professor-Trainer in its Physical Training Centre.  

As a member, Darius has been engaged in facilitating and organising sporting events, physical training camps and tourist expeditions to important sporting events in Romania and abroad also helping children and students to engage in physical education and sporting activities.

As coach in the Foundation's Physical Training Centre, Darius initiated training in a variety of sports: soccer, wushu kung fu - martial arts, tae bo, kayac-canoe, physical development training, bodybuilding and fitness.

As a personal trainer, Darius conducted private training session for young children and students (in order to prepare them for their school examinations in physical education), as well as private fitness training sessions for VIPs.

At present he lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom, where he is a Sports and Fitness Trainer, training his clients but still training hard besides them!




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