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Darius's fitness training method is a uniquely personalised training programme created for each client differently, depending on age, body type, lifestyle, ability or disability and the goal to be achieved.

The fitness training plan is composed of a group of exercises combining elements of adapted physical education with principles of basic gymnastics, elements of bodybuilding and fitness, basic martial arts principles, movements from athletics, "raduizm" ("spectacular exercises" - a term borrowed from Radu Teodorescu) - and physical development techniques.  To which are added Darius's own creative spirit, his experience and passion and gift of inspiration  about sport and about helping his clients to achieve their goal.

Darius's programme is multidimensional, having as its purpose the development of physical fitness and condition through such qualities as: strength, speed, endurance and flexibility, balance and coordination. It aims as well to further discipline, a strong body, a powerful mind, harmonious body development, a correct posture and to remove stress - thus enabling the people he trains to gain a much greater degree of confidence.

Darius's programmes require little equipment, contain simplicity and fun; they challenge and train the entire body as a unit providing a total conditioning programme that will hit on every single muscle - muscles you didn't know you had! -  through natural exercises, which make the muscles work and move naturally, not like fitness machines!

Another purpose of Darius's programmes is to give you a level of fitness that will keep you primed for just about any daily physical challenge life you might encounter.

The programme also comes  with advice on nutrition and motivational formulae !


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