Prosport Roferd Foundation

From the packages listed below, please select the one which suits you the best:

1. Darius can come to your town, your home or your local gym

2. You come to Darius's location  

3. Training your children - a specially adapted training programme for your children, 1-3 sessions per week, aiming to help achieve a harmonious development of the body, a correct posture, an agile mind, together with maintaining and  improving their general state of health and - why not? - instilling a greater sense of discipline.

4. Training Camp with Darius - a selection of "spa resorts"  in England or abroad,  at seaside or in mountain regions  can be arranged for you, for a limited period of 7-10 days. Treatment will include: daily massage by a professional specialist, thermal baths, chocolate  and tea baths, paraffin wax wraps, 2 - 3 training sessions per day and nutritional support.

5. Darius can travel with you - if you are a business person or you are a frequent traveller, we can arrange for Darius to be with you even when you are not in your home town. Thus making sure you have your training session done before your business meeting, as well as a relaxing massage and a fresh smoothie or juice. 

6. Sports partner: tennis, biking, running, walking, sparring partner for boxing / kick boxing, etc.

7. Darius can relocate - He can be available for the necessary period of time whatever the area or country you will be in, whenever you call him (short - medium - long - term contracts).


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