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Biological Preparation in Sport Competition


  Preparatory Period:

· Psychotherapy - psychological self-preparation (motivation, courage, confidence, willpower, mental relaxation)  
· Hydrotherapy - round hot tub 38-40 degrees (10-15 minutes), sauna (15 min.) Pool 2 times/week.
· Massage - self-massage after every workout
· Electrolyte rebalancing (300-400 ml) several times per day
· Food: hypo lipids, hyper proteins, vegetables, fruits, milk, alkalines, hydro mellitus.
· Active-passive rest.  An active person needs 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Sexual activity is limited.
· When preparing for competition, maintain the high intensity of the workout but reduce the duration.

 Achieving weight categories:

· Hypo carbohydrates diet (low-fat sweets), good quality proteins (lean meat, fresh dairy products), salads and fruits;
· Balance your fluids and electrolytes after a workout;
· Increase sauna use during training;
· The most effective measure an athlete can take to make a weight category is increased use of the sauna after workouts. Athletes can lose 2-3kg in 40-50 min. Do not sit in a sauna longer than is indicated.
· It is reccommended that one gradually reduces their body fat through diet and exercise when preparing for a competition.  Use the sauna directly before you are weighed on the day of the competition.  Stay hydrated with natural juices, hot soups, alkaline mineral water, and fruit.  Liquids should be ingested slowly and in small amounts, reducing the quantity each time.  When trying to achieve a new weight category, it is important to supplement your diet with Supradyn.

                 Alkaline water - 7.5 to 12 Ph
                 Acid water - 1.8 to 6.5 Ph

 Alkaline water tastes better and has micro group cells for better hydration, antioxidant properties, and is enriched with O2 which results in a more powerful detoxification. It is 6 times more hydrated than tap water. This helps to oxygenize the blood (containing As Mg).

       Foods rich in acid radicals are proteins, meat products.
       Foods rich in alkaline radicals are dairy derivatives, fruits and vegetables,  and fruit juices.  In general, raw foods are rich in vitamins and minerals.

     Reconstruction after training:

• After 10-min workout. Psychotherapy (talking with the coach);
• Shower or hot tub (15min 38-shower 40grade), tub plant, "Bazna salt” or potassium iodide;
• Massage;
• relaxation techniques (yoga, Feng Shui);
• electrolyte rebalancing (300ml fruit juice), mineral water with juices and orange juice sweetened with honey; 
• air ionization oxygenation (10-15min);
• Medication: Polivitaminizant, Polimineralizant;
• Food rich in vegetables and fruits, dairy (hyper protein, hypo lipids, normal carbohydrate);
• Active Rest (relaxing music, walking, reading, movies ...);
• Rest passive, 8-10 hours of sleep.


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