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Nutritional Aspects of the Athletes 


The diet of an athlete must achieve the following:


• Cover the energy requirements to maintain a balanced metabolism during everyday activities (this includes work, school, and all other physical and psychological responsibilities of daily life);
• Meet the energy requirements imposed by training and competitions;
• Cover the energy requirements imposed by the process of recovery after strenuous work-outs;

                                                    - provides for daily support
Nutritional intake of athletes:  - prepares for work-outs
                                                    - provides for recuperation

Before work-outs(ergotropa):   - Vitamins 
                                                     - Minerals 
                                                     - Sugars (glucose, fructose, honey, Isostar, energy tablets)
                                                     - Miscellaneous:     - Neuron supporter (Pirivin)
                                                                                    - Supporting general (Lecithin) 
                                                                                    - Supporting liver (Silimarina, Armurariu)
                                                                                    - Incentives (Fortavit, Red Bull energy drinks)
                                                                                    - Protein
                                                                                    - Liquids (minimum 2 litri/24h)


In preparation for a workout:      - you must be rich in pure natural juices sweetened with honey or
                                                      glucose. Drink 100 mL of natural fruit juice per hour.

After work-outs (trofotropa):      - charging energy reserves depleted by 


                                                      - vitamins and minerals are useful for neuropsychological

                                                       and neuromuscular metabolism.   
                                                      - sugar (glucose, honey) is a fuel for energy 
                                                      - amino acids and protein concentrates
                                                      - miscellaneous: -Gerovital
                                                     - restoring metabolism to ensure the sustained supply of nutrtition required

                                                       to restore and compensate for lost strength    

 The main food groups:  - meat and meat products;
                                          - fish;
                                          - milk and dairy products;
                                          - eggs;
                                          - sweets and pasta; 
                                          - baked goods and cereals;
                                          - vegetables and fruits;
                                          - liquids;
                                          - fats, etc.

* 75% of all proteins are of animal origin (responsible for essential amino acids).
* ¾ of carbohydrates are mono and disaccharides (glucose, fructose, honey).
* 60-70% of fats are predominantly rich in unsaturated fatty acids (found in vegetable oil, olives,  
   peanuts, walnuts, almonds, seeds).

Here is a guide to post-work-out eating:

For about 1-2 hours after your work-out, adhere to a few fundamental nutritional principles: 

•   Stay rich in carbohydrates and liquids (hydro mellitus), pure honey;
•   Stay rich in alkaline radicals (to combat the metabolic acidosis induced by exercise):
      · dairy: low-fat yogurt, cheese, milk, sheep telemea
      · fruits: plums, oranges, grapes, apricots, banana, apples, lemons, nuts
      · vegetables: spinach, cabbage .... uncooked       
•   Normal or easy hyper protein (proteins of high biological value, lean meat, low fat milk, chicken, fish.

•   Hypo lipids (low fat).   


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