Prosport Roferd Foundation

Physical Training Center of the Prosport Roferd Foundation, organizes courses of initiation and training for young athletes in soccer.

Soccer is a team sport characterized by bursts of speed, battles for possession, and fancy footwork.  All the following physical qualities are necessary to be a competetive player:  

· Speed
· Force
· Resistance
· Skill
· Mobility
· Flexibility
· Coordination and orientation in space

It requires hours of training and professional instruction to perfect the technical elements of the game:

· Ball Control (taking possession, stealing, stripping, maintaining control, protection, driving, diversion  and passing)
· Foot Technique (inside, outside, toe, heel, volleying, kneeing)
· Head Shots
· Throw-ins
· and passgame, positioning,understanding the field, trapping the ball, slide-tackles, blocking, headers
· school run, bounce, turns.

Expert physical and psychological training, along with an informed and nutritious diet, can lead athletes to the highest peaks of performance.  


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