Prosport Roferd Foundation


In devising his training programmes tailored to the needs and aspirations of each individual client, Darius strongly adheres to the principle of the beneficial effects of sport on an individual's body, mentality and general well-being. To mention but a few, these are:

• Correct and harmonious development of the human body;

• Improving the body's vital functions;

• Increasing the vital capacity by increasing the breathing through increased

• Improving lung elasticity by increasing the inhaled volume of oxygen;

• Invigorating the respiratory muscles (diaphragm etc);

• Increased capacity of contraction and relaxation of muscles;

• Increased stability and mobility of joints, flexibility and elasticity;

• Lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decreasing the risk
  of arteriosclerosis;

• Improving physical skills and body development in a balanced way;

• Strengthening the bone structure;

• The training system will strengthen the muscle tone by melting the adipose tissue

• Training helps balance the nervous system and helps the organism
  resist depressive states;

• Correcting physical deficiencies;

• Influencing skills beneficial to mental and moral well-being;


Prosport Roferd Foundation